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Itinerary 2. Dolinas

This itinerary proposes a carriage tour along the country roads around Conversano passing by the largest karstic lakes around the district. 
The tour includes stops at dolinas where it is possible to sample traditional foods typical to the Conversano area amidst the rocky landscape characteristic of the karstic area. 
The Conversano lakes have, since the Roman period, functioned as cisterns which supplied water to nearby towns. The fundamental epoch, and that which has been best documented historically, is the Middle Ages. At that time these karstic depressions served as supply basins for the nearby rural villages. An outstanding example is Lake Sassano, which takes its name from the "Villa Sessani" located on its shores during the medieval period. 
The unique habitat of the lakes is ideal for amphibians and reptiles; in particular, Italian newts, green toads and water snakes. Since 1985 the lakes of Conversano have been declared a natural herpetology preserve. The lakes are also a stopover site for various species of migratory birds such as ducks, geese, herons and flamingos. 
Recently, the European Union classified the lakes as natural habitats of community interest. The itinerary lasts approximately 2½ hours and includes stops at five lakes.